42 Years of Industrial Leadership​


Jokky Garments Ltd., is among one of the most successful garment manufacturers in Bangladesh. A country with great potential in the field of garment-manufacturing. It started its journey in the year 1982. It is a 100% export oriented Woven Garments (Men’s & Ladies Shirts & Basic Pant Items) and is a sister concern of Opsonin Group. Opsonin has for long been established and recognized as one of the leading, progressive and modern pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh which is established in 1956.



Why Choose Us

As one of the leading apparel manufacturing companies in Bangladesh, we stand out in providing our clients with the highest level of satisfaction by ensuring that your innovations in design, fabrics and your final product are brought to life.

We specialize in woven shirts for Men, Women and Children, and have over 4 decades of experience in manufacturing tops and bottoms for all three categories.

All patterns are created and designed in CAD.

All samples are made exclusively in our dedicated Sample Room.

Upon confirmation of an order, the sample is made for fit/styling approval. The client’s invaluable feedback is used to create the size set sampling.

A mandatory process of inspection by the pattern master and merchandising section prior to submission to the client is mandatory for all samples.

Wherever required, photo samples and pre-production samples are provided.

We assist our clients in creating fit and designs for garments. We offer a vast variety of choices of fabrics, accessories and packaging methods (flat pack, boxed pack, hanging garments, etc.).

Our facility runs 8 lines/ manufacturing units, with a monthly capacity in the range of 150,000 – 200,000 pieces.

Our Quality Control System, continuously improved over our 40 years of establishment, is comprised of thorough material, process and product checks. Our focus is on an ever-decreasing rework and repair rate, allowing us to offer our services to any AQL(Acceptable Quality Limit) requirement.

Our supply chain relations were created over the course of decades, many of whom have been working with us on numerous repeated orders, all export-oriented. The foundation of this relationship has been built on trust, transparency, communication, commitment and cooperation. Clients have the assurance that we will select the best source among the multitude of local and international sourcing partners we have. Prominent nations where our supply chain partners are located include Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

We have a total of 18 sets of vacuum tables and steam irons in the press and packing area, complete with gas boilers.

  • Thread sucking
  • Pressing
  • Final Quality Control
  • Folding
  • Packing
  • Get Up Checking
  • Metal Detection – Our facility’s metal detector machine is tested twice daily for function and sensitivity. A logbook is kept for each order. All garments are inspected using the metal detector upon the client’s request. All children’s items are inspected by obligation.
  • Cartooning
  • Binding/Striping
  • Inspection – Every consignment of fabrics is randomly inspected through our own fabric inspection machine prior to issuing for bulk production. Our general inspection procedure is the JCP 4-Point system. Accessories are accepted and reported upon within 24 hours of receipt, with regards to both quality and quantity of accessories.

We currently accept bank to bank Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), through which all sample charges, small order quantity, advance purchase products, etc. Bulk orders can also be done through T/T payment upon discussion.

  • Material Inventory
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Pattern & Marker Check & Approval
  • Pre-Production Meeting & Size Set Sample Approval
  • Trial Cutting
  • Get Up Checking
  • Trial Production
  • Front Placket, Cuff, Color, Fusing and Making Inspection
  • First Inline Comments & Rectification
  • Second Inline Comments & Rectification
  • 100% Trimming & Inspection 

Our Clients

In our history spanning 42 years, we have worked with over 80 reputed buyers from across the world. Below is a list of some of our selected clients whom we have supplied our garment products in the recent past.